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Tustin Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs are supposed to be “man’s best friend.” However, not all dogs are friendly; some can cause horrific and deadly injuries, even when unprovoked. California dog owners are responsible for preventing catastrophic dog attacks and keeping others safe from harm. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible. When their negligence results in an injury to you or someone you love, you have legal rights.

To protect your legal rights after a dog bite injury, call MJB Law Group. Our Tustin dog bite attorneys can help you through the aftermath of an attack. We can ensure you receive appropriate medical care while protecting your legal rights to file a claim or lawsuit against the dog’s owner.

You deserve compensation even if the dog owner is a family friend or acquaintance. You and your family should not endure unnecessary financial hardships because of their pet’s actions. We can negotiate with their insurance company to ensure you get what you need to rebuild your life again after a severe dog bite.

Understanding California Dog Bite Laws

If you are a victim of a dog bite in California, it is important to understand the state’s dog bite laws and liability rules. California is a strict liability state, which means that dog owners are responsible for any damages caused by their dogs, regardless of whether the owner was negligent or not.

Strict Liability

California Civil Code section 3342 states that a dog owner is liable for any injuries their dog causes. The law applies regardless of whether the dog has a history of viciousness or the owner knew or should have known that the dog was likely to bite. This law applies to dog attacks in public places, such as parks or city streets, as well as in a private home, including the dog owner’s property.

Unlike other personal injury cases, you don’t have to prove that the owner acted negligently or that the dog had a history of biting to seek compensation. You only need to show that you were bitten by the dog and suffered damage. Damages may include medical expenses, hospitalization, psychological counseling, emotional distress, scarring, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Exceptions to Strict Liability

There are some exceptions to the strict liability rules in California. For example, if you provoked the dog or trespassed on private property, the owner may not be liable for damages. Additionally, if the dog was defending itself or its owner from an attack or was performing military or police work, the owner may not be liable for damages. However, these exceptions are limited and may not apply in all cases.

We Help Injured Dog Bite Victims Like You

At MJB Law Group, we have considerable experience helping injured dog bite victims just like you. We know that no two injuries are ever quite the same. That’s why our attorneys take the time to meet with you and your medical team to determine the full extent of your injuries and their effect on your life and future.

We’ve helped dog bite victims who’ve suffered from various injuries, including:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Deep cuts
  • Torn skin and muscle
  • Nerve damage
  • Fractured bones
  • Infections

Dog bites can result in severe injuries that can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement. The depth and severity of the bite, as well as the location of the wound, are critical factors in determining the extent of the injury.

In some cases, a dog bite can cause significant damage to the skin and tissue beneath, leading to disfigurement that may require extensive plastic surgery to correct. Even with surgery, the scarring can still be noticeable and have a lasting impact on a person’s self-esteem and mental health.

Additionally, dog bites can cause emotional trauma, leading to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Victims of dog bites can develop a fear of dogs and experience anxiety and panic attacks when in the presence of dogs. They may also avoid situations where they may come into contact with dogs or experience social isolation due to their fear.

How Long Do I Have to File a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

If you suffer an injury in a dog bite, you only have two years from the attack to file a lawsuit or settle your claim with the insurance company. If you do not file a lawsuit within this timeframe, you may lose your right to compensation.

At MJB Law Group, our Tustin dog bite lawyers can help you through this difficult time. We’ll work quickly to ensure you do not miss any critical deadlines for collecting compensation.

Our attorneys can help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and file a lawsuit if necessary. With our legal help, you may recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Contact Our Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer Today

If you, your child, or someone you love got hurt in a dog attack, we are here to help. Our Tustin dog bite attorneys know how devastating a dog bite can be and the long-term disabilities and suffering you and your family may endure. We work to hold negligent dog owners accountable for their pet’s actions and ensure that you receive the money you need to rebuild your life again.

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