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Orange County Wage Theft Lawyer

If you’re concerned that you might be a victim of wage theft, you’re not alone. Wage theft is a common problem in many industries. It can take various forms, such as being paid below minimum wage, not receiving overtime, or altering your hours without your knowledge or consent. Wage theft can have serious consequences for California workers, including financial hardship and loss of job security.

All workers deserve to be paid for the time they work. They deserve a fair wage, and employers who steal wages, tips, and benefits can – and should – be held accountable.

At MJB Law Group, our wage theft lawyers have years of experience holding companies accountable for wage theft practices. We know the best way to get you the justice you deserve and will fight for maximum compensation under California law.

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Wage Theft in California

​​Wage theft is when your employer fails to pay you what you are owed. This can include failing to pay wages, salaries, overtime, benefits, and tips.

Many California workers don’t realize that they’re victims of wage theft. It can be tricky to uncover and even harder to prove sometimes. To help you spot wage theft, the State of California Department of Industrial Relations compiled the following examples of how unscrupulous employers engage in wage theft:

  • Being paid lower than the legally required minimum wage per hour
  • Being denied the right to take breaks for meals or rest
  • Not receiving previously agreed-upon wages, including overtime pay for commission-based, piece-rate, or regular work
  • Owners or managers taking money from the tips you earned
  • Not having the option to accumulate or use your earned sick leave
  • Not receiving compensation for expenses related to your job duties
  • Not receiving promised vacations or bonuses as part of your compensation
  • Money taken out of your paycheck without your consent or legal authorization
  • Not being paid extra for working split shifts
  • Receiving a bounced paycheck or a check that the bank cannot process
  • Not receiving your final wages within a reasonable time frame
  • Not receiving pay for the time you were scheduled to work but sent home early
  • Being denied timely access to records related to your employment, such as your personnel file or payroll records

How Can I Get The Money I’m Owed?

Many California wage theft victims have tried talking to their bosses about their concerns. Maybe they’ve gotten the runaround or were told that’s just how we do things. They may have even received threats or hints that they’ll lose their job if they pursue it further. So, how can wage theft victims get the money they’re owed if their employers won’t cooperate?

There are two main methods for recovering stolen wages, benefits and earnings:

  1. File a Formal Wage Claim with the California Labor Commissioner
  2. File a Wage Theft Lawsuit Against your Employer

The fastest and best way to get the money you are owed is to contact an experienced California wage theft attorney immediately. An unpaid wages lawyer with experience handling these cases can help you collect the evidence you need to prove wage theft. You might need to gather pay stubs, records of hours worked, eyewitnesses, emails, and other forms of correspondence with your employer.

When you file a lawsuit against your employer, you can seek liquidated damages. This means that you can receive more than just your unpaid wages.

How Can I Afford a Lawyer for Wage Theft Claims?

Many workers are already financially strapped when they call our law firm. Their employer has been withholding overtime pay or has failed to pay them an appropriate commission for their sales. No matter what your situation is, we can help.

Our Tustin employment lawyers will meet with you for a FREE case evaluation. This is our chance to learn more about your case, and we’ll take the time to answer your questions and explore your legal options.

When you hire us, our attorneys work on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless we can resolve your claim or lawsuit. We then take a percentage of your settlement as our fee, so you don’t need to worry about paying us out-of-pocket when you choose us to represent you.

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The Tustin wage theft attorneys at MJB Law Group have helped employees across Orange County and Southern California collect the compensation they needed to move forward in their careers. If you or someone you love is a victim of wage theft, it is essential to fight back. Wage theft is against the law, and we can hold your employer accountable.

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