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Orange County Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

California has some of the toughest employment laws in the country that safeguard workers from discrimination and wrongful termination. These laws also protect workers who are retaliated against for exercising their rights.

Retaliation happens when an employer punishes an employee for taking appropriate action to address unlawful conduct. This can include reporting law violations, opposing discrimination or sexual harassment, requesting workplace accommodations for a disability or religious views, and filing workplace complaints with the Labor Commissioner, OSHA or the Department of Industrial Relations.

It can be difficult to prove retaliation, especially if it doesn’t result in wrongful termination. After all, California is an “at-will” employment state. This means that employers can fire you without reason. This makes proving that your termination resulted from workplace retaliation even more difficult.

Employers might claim they terminated you because of layoffs, poor job performance, or a change in job structure. Therefore, it is essential to document any whistleblowing or protected activities, such as complaining about workplace harassment or requesting an accommodation, via email, letter, or text to protect yourself.

If you have been retaliated against in the workplace, you can seek help from Tustin workplace retaliation lawyers at MJB Law Group. We can help you reverse any adverse employment action and seek compensation for damages you have suffered.

What Can’t Your Employer Do?

It’s simple. Your employer cannot punish you for exercising your legal rights as an employee. This includes retaliating against you for:

  • Reporting illegal activity
  • Taking sick days or paid vacation days
  • Exercising your rights under the Equal Pay Act
  • Filing a lawsuit or claim against your employer
  • Complaining about harassment or discrimination
  • Reporting unsafe or hazardous working conditions
  • Serving as a witness against your employer
  • Joining a labor union or participating in labor union strikes
  • Disclosing and discussing your wages

Types of Retaliation in the Workplace

Retaliation in the workplace refers to any negative action taken by an employer or coworker against an employee who has made a complaint, raised a concern, or reported misconduct.

Some of the most common types of retaliation in the workplace include:

  • Termination or demotion
  • Negative performance evaluations
  • Harassment
  • Isolation or exclusion
  • Reduction in pay or benefits
  • Intimidation or threats
  • Prevented from using sick days or vacation days
  • Reduction in job duties

Retaliation in the workplace is illegal, and the law protects you. If you believe you are experiencing retaliation in the workplace, call our law firm immediately to begin exploring your legal options.

Why Do You Need a Tustin Retaliation Lawyer?

California’s employee rights, wrongful termination, and anti-discrimination laws protect workers from discriminatory or harassing treatment in the workplace based on characteristics like race, gender, religion, or sexuality. These laws also protect whistleblowers and anyone who files a complaint with the Labor Commissioner. When you believe that your workplace is toxic or that your employer is discriminating or harassing other employees, you have the right to report those concerns.

Unfortunately, some employers do not take kindly to blowing the whistle on illegal activity or complaints about toxic work environments. As such, they may want to punish you or remove you from the workplace rather than address the real concerns. This is against the law, and we will help you hold them accountable.

What To Do If You Are a Victim of Workplace Retaliation?

If you suspect that your employer is retaliating against you at work, there are several steps you can take to address the situation.

  1. Let HR Know. Meet with your supervisor or human resources department to discuss what you’re experiencing at work. If you have examples or evidence of retaliation, share that with them. Make sure to follow-up in writing and document any verbal complaints.
  2. Contact Our Law Firm. Next, you should take is to contact our law firm. We can investigate the incidents of workplace retaliation and help you take the best steps forward.
  3. File a Complaint. It may benefit your case to file a complaint with the California Civil Rights Department, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the California Department of Industrial Relations or the California Office of the Labor Commissioner. Our attorneys can help you determine which agency to approach first. Formal support from a state or federal agency can add credibility to your claim.

Winning a workplace retaliation case is not easy, but with our help, you’ll have the best chance of success. We know how to investigate and build solid cases to get our clients justice and the compensation they deserve.

Contact Our Tustin Work Retaliation Attorneys

If you believe you were a victim of workplace retaliation after reporting harassment, discrimination, or criminal activity, we can help protect your rights and secure justice. At MJB Law Group, our workplace retaliation attorneys know the best ways to fight back and we don’t let employers who break the law get away with it!

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